Since 2016 Gandhi, in collaboration with Sant’Egidio and Caritas, has worked towards establishing a Humanitarian Corridor that allows refugees from Ethiopian camps to arrive in Italy with the permission of the Italian State.

It is an ambitious project made possible by the agreement signed in 2017 between the Italian government, the Italian episcopal conference and the Community of Sant’Egidio, a collaboration that will allow us, by 2018, to bring 500 refugees from Southern Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea into our country.

The Italian and Addis Abeba Embasies will participate and collaborate with this program, along with UHNCR and other agencies, voluntary organizations and religious Ethiopian congregations.

This is the only safe way to arrive in Italy, without the danger of kidnapping and torture, or almost certain death by drowning during the crossing.

In November 2017 the first HUMANITARIAN CORRIDOR allowed 25 refugees, women and children among them, to enter the country.

At the end of February 2018 114 refugees arrived in Fiumicino. They will be received and looked after, as if they were family members, in various regions in Italy that have adhered to the “Refugee in my home Project”.