Projects aimed at fighting human trafficking, its victims being migrants from North-eastern Africa, brutalized in their thousands by ruthless criminal organizations involved in the trade of human beings and in the selling of organs.

Since 2003 around 10.500 have been liberated from Egyptian prisons and sent to the Mai Aini refugee camp.

Liberation from Egyptian prisons

10.500 people, detained for illegal immigration, have been liberated from Egyptian prisons due to the efforts of Gandhi, which guarantees the safe transportation of migrants out of Egypt to surrounding countries or refugee camps. Gandhi takes care of raising the funds needed for buying airplane tickets and for all the beurocratic paperwork involved in changing countries.

Gandhi in the Sinai Desert

Research carried out by Amnesty International, Gandhi, UNHCR and Human Rights Watch highlight that tens and thousands of migrants have been victims of this kind of volence and thousands have lost their lives at the hand of smugglers and traffickers in Sudan, Libia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Gandhi has become a fundamental point of reference for refugees who find themselves in dangerous and desperate situations. The founder of the association, Alganesh Fessaha, has secured the help of various Beduini and Sinai tribes, enabling the liberation, until now, of 750 people held in hostage and brutalized by human traffickers.

In particular Migrants travelling towards Israel in search of work and political exile fall prey to the local Beduini tribes who, in the past, would “limit” themselves to transporting the migrants towards Israel in return for adequate compensation. However, since Israel put up a wall along the border with Egypt, reducing the flow of migrants, the Beduini, to keep up a constant profit, began kidnapping the migrants asking the families for ransom money. Whilst waiting for the ransom, the migrants are imprisoned, inhumanely tortured and subjected to the most brutal violence.