Gandhi is currently developing numerous projects in the Ivory Coast which are particularly aimed at supporting and helping women to provide for themselves and to gain financial independance. With this objective in mind, we encourage and finance small start up businesses in rural areas.

Cassava Cultivation

For several years in the Azopè department, Gandhi has been financing different groups of women, dedicated to the growing and cultivation of the cassava plant, a tuber which provides a fundamental part of the local diet. The cassava is made into flour and re-sold, guaranteeing a small income for the women.

Chicken rearing

In Abdijan Gandhi supports a women’s cooperative that has set up a chicken rearing business.

Cultural aggregation centre

The aim of this centre is to give local artists the opportunity to realize their own artistic projects, creating a synergistic and stimulating environment. The idea is for the centre to act as a “ display window” for the work produced and also a stage for performances, focusing on being able to generate a small income and a self sufficient lifestyle.